Horizons The end of sight The beginning of imagination Purpose of the journey End of the means In the beginning all of life is a horizon All is new All must be explored In a youthful frenzy we chase the setting sun We are fearless, relentless Each day we awake anew, plan in mind and energy abound. Every night we drift asleep thinking of what we have found, Dreaming of what we have yet to discover. Family Friends Home In time, we realize these things. They are our earth, our wind, our north star. With them, we push onward Without them, we are lost. In our eternal quest for the unknown, To these, we will always return. As life moves on, the horizons change The challenges change We spend more time patching the holes in our ship, And less time plotting our course. The waves beet us down, The wind ceases to blow The sun blurs our eyes And we loose sight of that which we seek. Life becomes survival All is but to stay afloat. Our thoughts are of the present Our efforts aimed at today We are lost without knowing Then, When all seems lost As we resign ourselves to the storm When the challenges seem insurmountable And we have resigned ourselves to a cell with no windows Life reminds us what we are struggling for. The walls crumble, The waves subside, We are picked up by the hand of fate, And shown our horizon once again. We weep for that which we almost lost. Never again. ——Howard

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