Elite Dangerous HOTAS Desk Mount

Elite Dangerous HOTAS Desk Mount

Recently went hunting for suitable equipment to mount my stick and throttle (for Elite Dangerous) on my desk.  The most appropriate I found was a set called the JoyLoc Clamp Master.  Unfortunately they were $180 a pair back before they went out of business 3 years ago.  So, I set about making my own.  Made some designs involving wood and or steel, and settled on trying to make the wooden ones.  Some 1/4″ plywood, time with a table saw, and a few McMaster Carr fasteners later… viola!  Drilled and glued threaded inserts into the bottom of my Ikea desk.

The slots in the upper deck along with some thumb screws allow removal and storage when not in use.

 Overall, I’m quite happy with them.  

Drawing here.

Operation Turtle Haven

Two water turtles had been living in all of a large bucket behind my father in laws house for way too long, so we set about liberating them to a nicer habitat.

The area was cleared just off the back porch and other than the pump, liner, and some gravel ($150 total), all materials were scavenged from the yard or down the hill (quite the hike!).

In the end the turtle seem happy and the yard is a much more pleasant place to be!