Shadows on a moonlit sea did come, 

Dragon ships, foreboding drums. 

By stealth of night these dogs of war 

Fell upon our ancient shore. 

Rise up, frail kin and get ye gone 

To glen and crag by gentle dawn 

Where haunting highland drones do keep 

Company with wolves in sleep. 

Then by steel and stealth and dawn’s first light 

The Beast descends and joins the fight 

To drive the foe from homeland shores, 

Into the Sea, these Dogs of War. 

But by time and tide, both blade and plow, 

Our ancient blood runs together now. 

Just as the sea meets crag and heather, 

Drone and Drum now march together. 

Inspire our kin and kind alike

To stir the blood, take hand and strike. 

Highland Wolf lives free and strong

It’s ancient blood makes fast the bond. 

To arms men rise, stand toe to toe 

The Wolf plays through to route the foe 

With steadfast heart and strengthened blade 

Pipes and Drums ne’er fail nor fade.


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